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Could you not tag my art that I worked very hard on with “The only Doctor Who thing I’ll reblog ever” or “Hahah but it’s not this it looks really boring”.

That’s not helpful. You’re entitled to your own opinions, but it just so happens I dearly love Doctor Who and go to great lengths to be not only critical of it, but to embrace and lift up the parts that I like. You obviously like my content enough to share it, you really don’t have to put on a big show about how much you actually hate _____.

The comic itself is how myself and many others view the Doctor, because most of the time that’s how he’s portrayed. So much of the lore and past episodes lends itself to what I wrote, so insisting that comic is all you’ll ever find to like about the Doctor is absurd. 

(Obviously this post disregards Moffat’s grievous errors and general character assassination, but is absolutely not excusing it)

I could write as many flowery paragraphs as I like about what the Doctor means and what he and the show represent to me (adventure, optimism, valuing every little bit of life, wonder and awe, friendships, etc) but that’s not really the point. The point is regardless of your or my opinion on Doctor Who (or insert fandom here, I get this on all my fan art) it’s pretty disrespectful to act like content I’m happily working with is below you at the same time you reblog my art. Don’t do that to fan artists. 

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By the way I’ve been reblogging some newer Doctor Who stuff now that it’s been a few days since it aired, but I’m tagging it as “doctor who spoilers”, “dw spoilers” and “deep breath”.

It’s up to you guys if you think it’s still too early to reblog though, that last one I reblogged was a lovely surprise in the episode so I’d hate to ruin it. If you think I should wait a week let me know.

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Binge watched some early Eleven… What a sweetheart- remember when he nurses Craig back to health? Saves a van full of people even when he’s not sure they’re real? Spends episode after episode helping the Ponds realize their love for each other, just because he cares. Assures everyone of how important they are, values every little thing, even forgetting a name can make him distrust you. He works hard and mourns every life lost, refuses to even let gunpowder be used in his plans.

Such a fluffy, adorable thing.

Filed under baby eleven!! doctor who this helped me enormously and then he lives a thousand years and gets hella jaded it's easy to forget why I fell in love with this Doctor if you watch the newest ones but wow bby eleven I haven't watched it in years