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Some drawings of Veu from yesterday and today. Veu lives in the distant future when Earth is all but abandoned. He’s a wanderer, capable of manipulating the Source, or power of the Earth. (this depends largely on his understanding of using himself as a sort of extension of the Earth, and that its power is equally matched when separate and when re-entering the Earth.) Veu is laid back, and friendly, though sometimes he seems to respect people less than Earth. He is in touch with himself and his environment, and can be bit preachy about respecting it if you let him.

His story has a Precolumbian art base…Along with Sci Fi. The other main character comes from a space colony that recently returned to orbit Earth. Yes, it’s that far in the future.

Crappy iPhone photo on the deck to use this mysterious substance called…”sunlight”. It sounded familiar, but I’m pretty sure it’s new or something.

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